• I love this video “bye bye iraq moment we been waiting for such a long time we have our culture our own flag we deserve it!!! WE have lost so much blood to have kurdistan independent 

  • Ramada Mubarak Kareem-Happy Ramadan to everyone, (Ramazan la hamu layak piroz bet)I hope everyone has peaceful and prosperous month of Ramadan most importantly do your prayers & fast.. Ramadan Kareem, hope everyone have a blessed month inshallah <3
    whats ramadan like?



    all day:


    10 minutes before iftar: 


    Iftar time:


    10 minutes after iftar:


    on the way home from taraweeh:


    2 minutes before fajr:



Night prayers (tarawih) are special prayers said during the month of Ramadan. After breaking the fast, Muslims gather together and pray the ‘isha (night prayer), then hold long prayers (composed of twenty or eight rakʿas). The Imam recites one part of the Qur’an every night and thus completes all the thirty parts during the Ramadan night prayers.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the lunar calendar, and Muslims around the world mark it by fasting. Read more about the Islamic calendar on Oxford Reference.
Image: Happy Ramadan by mohammad khedmati. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 via Flickr.

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She is perfection!! 😍😍
.. I dont own this pic. I got it from Sazan’s instagram @sazanbarzani .

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Kurdish Clothes are so beautiful!
I just got this screenshot from this movie I just watched about a Kurdish girl marrying a Jewish guy. It was definitely interesting :)  I wish people looked beyond religion and ethnicity sometimes. I mean we are all human beings, aren’t we?
    Seriously choose these products over mac any day! just saying :)
    Jazhni Newroztan Pirozbet <3 Jazhni Newroztan Pirozbet /Norooz Mobaarak (Happy Kurdish New Year!) 2714. I hope everyone has a prosperous Newroz.What is Newroz ? (to those that don’t know)—Newroz - Kurdish/Persian New Year. The most important festival in Kurdish tradition is Newroz. Newroz means ‘New Sun’ and ‘New Day’ The celebration coincides with the spring equinox which falls on 21st March.There are many explanations for the origins of Newroz with records of the spring festival found as early as 3000BC..   

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